It is this time of year when our home becomes the epitome of its meaning, a place to feel safe, hibernate, rest, slow down (when possible) and just enjoy these days the sun often evades.

The ochre glow of this place of ours fills my soul and makes me truly thankful for what I have in my life.

Along with this thankfulness comes a tinge of melancholy, for another year coming to an end,  time knows nothing of this, it just rolls on and with it we roll too.

My thoughts turn to the new year, and the process of life, which can be as rich or as insipid as we make it…we have to know what makes us happy, who makes us happy and fill our lives with it, with them…it’s too short for anything else.

Feeling philosophical today and writing along with writealm using yesterday’s prompt ‘ochre’.


8 Replies to “Ochre”

  1. Beautiful musings Janey! At the end of a year and the starting of another we have lots of questions and mixed feelings for what is ending and what is starting. Sometimes can get scary!

    1. Thank you Elizabeth for your kind words. I certainly have mixed feelings on the coming year but falling on the side of positive : )

  2. I appreciate your words. Melancholy and gratitude. Finding what makes us happy and doing more. Thank you. These reminders help me.

  3. Elegant words for a beautiful room; your poignant words so apt for this time of year when we can pause, reflect, be thankful, wistful and a little melancholy too for what the passing year has presented to us and what the coming one may have to offer. xox

    1. Elegant words…I love that, thank you so much Ellie! The end of a year can bring much to the surface, good and bad, but it is helpful to reflect and be thankful, I think, and try our best to enjoy what we have : ) I am very thankful for online friends visiting me here in my little online world : ))

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