You were there

July 2014 123

You were there when we moved into our beloved home…as if to welcome us. You were not ours but we loved you as if you were. You were a pleasure, the loveliest cat we have ever known, gentle and oh so funny. Tommy, our borrowed cat, our furry friend…how we will miss you.

Rest in peace Tommy x

Inspired by the most gentle creature I have ever known and using today’s Writealm prompt ‘pleasure’.

5 Replies to “You were there”

  1. Oh Jane, I am so sorry about Tommy, such a sad loss, I know you will miss him dreadfully. Your beautiful photographs of him have brought me such pleasure too and I’m sure they will be a treasured pleasure for you and your family to look back on and remember him by.

    Sending much love any many hugs xxooxx

    1. Thanks Ellie, poor Tommy, but he had such a happy life. His ‘real’ owner is in her eighties and when I went to see her she was so devastated, we had a hug and she hasn’t got any photos of him so I am going to frame one for her. I will miss his daft face at the french doors wanting to be let in, and his soft belly.

      How are you today? J xx

  2. Ahh, that’s so kind of you Jane, your neighbour will be thrilled to have a photo of Tommy.

    I’m okay today thanks, a bit of cathartic ‘write me happy’ seems to have helped no end 🙂 E xx

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