Winter’s veil

Decay sepia 2


A veil of frost, gossamer thin, has painted our world as we slept. White, like delicate lace, the first of the season.

Fading trees against crisp blue skies, with leaves suspended, ready to drop,  memories of summer echoing as they fall.

I see Autumn’s decay, there is beauty in it, so I breath in its final offerings before they are lost for another year.

Pulling up my collar against the cold, I walk on, knowing winter is not far away.

Inspired by one of this month’s Writealm prompts ‘veil’.

8 Replies to “Winter’s veil”

      1. I can’t think of a good answer. 🙂 I’m resilient. I know that much. ❤ Hope you are well.

  1. Thanks for your comment on ‘Islands Green and Blue’ you beat me to it! This is such a beautiful description of winter’s first frost – sent shivers down my spine – love it so much.

    It’s raining in The Chilterns too… and cold. Happy Friday and weekend to you and yours too. Gorgeous photo by the way :))

    1. You are too kind! I just thought while inspiration struck, especially at the moment, I had better get writing, quick!! Hope the rain clears up and we can get out for some fresh air at the weekend! Take good care and stay warm xx

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