morning light

Tomorrow I said, the words will come, a new day, the words will come. But tomorrow has come and gone, and not just once, a week of tomorrows and more, still no words.

A week and more of glorious autumn days, some with rolling grey skies, and some cornflower blue, dripping with beauty, but still no words.

Odd lines spluttered and squeezed, forced through a strangled nib. Fingers agitated, tapping out crap, then erasing…still no words.

A muddled knot in a tight sprung belly, wrapped in the stress of the past few weeks. Constipated by dark thoughts, wakeful nights and a constant clenched jaw.

Then today, a wave of inspiration, so I tapped away, breathing deeper than I had done for weeks, my jaw relaxing as the words came in the soft morning light of another tomorrow.

Inspired by Writealms’s prompts for October

8 Replies to “Tomorrow”

  1. So pleased the words have come, the block thwarted. Been struggling too for awhile but found some inspiration today. Waiting ’till after Halloween before sharing it. Have a spooktacular weekend!

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