My heart sings



The trees, black, silhouettes against the darkening October sky. Orange hugs the horizon as the sun slowly retreats, not quite ready for shorter days. A cool breeze whispers softly, making me shiver, and my heart sings for the beauty of autumn.

It sings for the changing landscape, conkers and crisp blue skies, for fallen leaves soon to be sugar-coated with frost. It sings for the walks we will have in our favourite park all wrapped up and cosy against the cold. It sings, oh yes how it sings, for this glorious and perfect season.


Not much writing been happening here lately, but today I wrote this, inspired by Writealm’s prompt from last Monday ‘shiver’.

4 Replies to “My heart sings”

  1. Yay conkers! I love conkers, do you bake yours in the oven after piercing to make them harder, possibly to become a champion in a conker contest? Beautiful prose Jane, loved reading this piece xx

    1. Yay for conkers indeedy!! Used to love conker contests as a kid…oh the memories and thoughts of simpler times : )) Glad you enjoyed it Ellie xxx

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