We have strayed onto a different path lately…it’s one we have trod before, we know it, but still, it’s a little bumpy. Life does this every now and then and we either go with it or fight it. For now we are going with it, the rhythm of our life has changed, but there is light at the end of the tunnel and we are focusing on that.

So, as Mother Nature surrenders to the delights and changes of Autumn, we surrender to this change of ours.


Inspired by Writealm’s September prompts, today’s is ‘surrender’

Writealm’s October prompts can be found here…thank you Amanda for another month of inspiration.



10 Replies to “Surrender”

  1. You are so welcome Amanda, your rhythm will change but it will be beautiful. I hope you are feeling well xx

    1. Hi Kirsten, very pleased to meet you and thanks for your comment! I need to remind myself, as we all do, just to go with the flow sometimes…fighting against things can make life harder : )

  2. Such a beautiful photo, gorgeous colours ❤ Change is often good, often better, often presents exciting opportunities if, as you say, we 'go with the flow'. Great reminder 🙂

    1. Thanks Ellie, glad you like the photo : ) The Virginia Creeper goes the most stunning colour at this time of year but no sooner has it turned do the leaves all drop off!! It’s nearly bald now! Hope you’re okay? J xx

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