Inside me

there is a stormy sea

rolling and crashing

beneath slate clouds,


making me breathless.


But soon,

peace comes,

as grey skies

turn to ink

and the sea,

now soothed,

sounds like

a lullaby.


My eyes close

and I crumple

into sleep.

Inspired by Writealm’s September prompts for last Friday and today ‘inside me’ and ‘crumple’.

3 Replies to “Lullaby”

  1. I love the sound of the sea, it definitely works as a lullaby on me – lovely words again Jane. Looks like we’ve both been neglecting writing for a few days lately, hope all is well with you xx

    1. It really is a lullaby isn’t it : ) I am fine thanks…just not had my writing head in gear for a while. Work is mega busy and home too. Hope you’re well? xx

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