Handful of light

Memories 1



‘Mama, why do you carry a handful of light with you and never let it go?’


‘My beautiful son, I carry it for us, to always light our way.’


‘Will I ever hold it?’


‘Yes, it will be yours when I am gone, but, I will take a small piece with me for my journey.’


‘But, I don’t want you to go.’


‘My darling child, when you need me near, all you will need to do is hold the light to your heart, look to the sky and you will see me shining.’



For my son…my handful of light, always x



Inspired by today’s writealm prompt ‘handful of light’

6 Replies to “Handful of light”

    1. Thanks Liz! It is a little sad but joyous too…I don’t think our loved ones ever leave us, they are always with us in memories and in our love for them : ))

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