Heart strings

August 2014 013

Today has been a bit of an emotional roller coaster…tiredness, sadness and stress all contributors. However, strong feelings are what make us feel alive, yes? The depth of love, sadness at loss, hope for a better day, longing for a better world.

There’s a lot going on here right now, but I wouldn’t swap my life for anything.

Heart strings pulled but not broken.

Writing along with today’s writealm prompt ‘heart strings’



9 Replies to “Heart strings”

    1. Thanks Amanda, my husband has a really bad back and another disc has gone so it means yet another operation, but if it eases his pain it will be well worth it.

      Glad you like the picture…I just caught it one day after I had washed up! : )

      1. Yes Jane! Busy but good. I’m kind of in the thick of it now I suppose. Lots of shuttling around and not getting enough time here to write and make things. Next year will be easier I think!

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