August 2014 001


Unlocking the door after a week away there is a kind of relief as the familiarity of our everyday life greets us and welcomes us back. There is a flow here, a comfort in knowing every nook and cranny and truly loving it. It is effortless, full of us and everything we are and we are so lucky; this is how returning home should feel.

We are back from our week away; tired but happy. Full of fresh air and lovely memories of Lochs, waterfalls, mountains and oh so much green…as far as the eye can see.

We travel and we love it, but really, there is absolutely no place like home…laundry and all.


Writing along with August prompts from Write ALM catching up with August 4th prompt ‘home’

5 Replies to “Home”

  1. Welcome back home, sounds like you had a smashing time – lots of pictures I hope 🙂

    I’ve been busy with a visit from the two fire-breathing dragons and now the elves are round to hopefully help with some magic blog-tweaking and re-branding.

    Normal service to be resumed in a few more days… hopefully, if I can get my head around the html/css stuff!!

    1. Helloooooo! So good to hear from you : )) We did have a great time thanks!

      You do sound busy…hope you’re having fun and I look forward to your new look blog xx

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