An early evening walk


hog weed


Early evening

sun ebbing slowly west

at the end of a too-hot day.


We walked

on dirt tracks flanked with hog weed

and freckled by percolated light.


Breathing deep

 as the day’s heat waned

under trees alive with birdsong.

Preserving memories with words.

Joining in with writealm’s July prompt-a-day

today’s prompt is ‘preserve’

9 Replies to “An early evening walk”

    1. It has been very lazy so far but so relaxing…thank you. How’re things with you? Don’t worry about the ‘y’ I don’t mind : ))

      1. Things are fine thanks, apart from being too hot! Been playing around with modifying my blog theme, meaning I’ve neglected writing much this week!

      2. Glad to hear you are okay. It feels humid here now despite some rain! I know the blog modifying black hole you speak off…I have fallen into it many times. here’s a rope…grab hold of it! Actually I love messing with the look of my blog too! : ))

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