Seasons loved



I watch you fall from winter’s keep

Gracious season; you’ve waited long

Returned to life from cold earth sleep

To sing your sweet and radiant song.



As summer bids farewell

My beloved autumn waits.

Place your golden hand in mine

Let’s travel the road to winter.

It’s been warm this past week…dead heat some days, which I do not enjoy. It makes me miss spring and autumn…the seasons I love most . I won’t complain though as there is much to love about summer; time off work (whoop!), slowing down and a holiday (double whoop!).

Two subjects I love to write about are memories and nature…they really inspire me, so every Friday I will post either a poem, prose, story or a photograph with perhaps a few words based on one of these two subjects.

If you wish to join in, then please leave a link in comments or use the hashtag #MemoriesNature on Twitter or alternatively leave a comment on my Facebook page, whichever suits you best.

Writing memories and nature every Friday…the kettle is on.

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