Tommy 2

Tommy 1

He is ginger and he is soft, both fur and heart, and he is truly the loveliest cat in the world. We only borrow him from our neighbour…she knows and thinks it’s sweet. He has visited us for 16 years and we love him very much…our (borrowed) cat.

Joining in with writealm’s July prompt-a-day

today’s prompt is ‘soft’

7 Replies to “Tommy”

    1. He really is, isn’t he. He is such a beautiful soul…the loveliest cat I have ever known…we adore him. Thank you for taking the time to comment : )

    1. Hello Ellie! How are you? Are you too hot like me?? Tommy is THE sweetest creature! Love his bones : )

  1. Hi Jane, Yep too hot!! Been missing as the current Mr Lifechimes has had a few days off work so been catching up on jobs around the house – no time to write. We used to borrow a cat from our neighbour too – he was called Tigger. Sadly no longer with us 😦

    1. It’s good to catch up with jobs…glad you are okay! Poor Tigger : (( Tommy is quite old…I daren’t even go there : ((

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