Letter to a lost love

letter to a lost love

I think of you sometimes, still.

I might be walking

maybe making dinner

or, when I occasionally play

The House of Love;

then, of course,

I am reminded.

It ended before it began

but I had already fallen in love.

You were beautiful and lost

and I was desperate to be found.

You weren’t unkind, but I knew.

I saw you years later,

do you remember?

I was found and wanted

and you were still lost;

you were so pleased to see me.

I wanted to hold you

to make you to feel found,

but of course I couldn’t,

that was another life.

I know I loved you

because even now, I still

hope that you are happy.

Two subjects I love to write about are memories and nature…they really inspire me, so every Friday I will post either a poem, prose, story or a photograph with perhaps a few words based on one of these two subjects.

If you wish to join in, then please leave a link in comments or use the hashtag #MemoriesNature on Twitter or alternatively leave a comment on my Facebook page, whichever suits you best.

Writing memories and nature every Friday…the kettle is on.

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