Ashen clouds 2

Drawing in from the West

ashen clouds

and a tangible

 heaviness in the air.

Birds circle low

against the grey sky;

expectant, knowing.

A sudden cool breeze

trees rustle

perhaps anticipating

the coming storm.

Silence descends

as if all of nature is waiting.

Then, in minutes,


and the dry earth sighs.

Joining in with writealm’s July prompt-a-day

today’s prompt is ‘rain-drenched’

11 Replies to “Rain-drenched”

    1. Thanks sweetheart! How are you? How was your trip. Hope it was good but sure you will be tired. Take care xxx

      1. It was difficult emotionally and exhausting, but there were moments of fun and joy. So that’s life, right? Today I am just staying in bed, recovering! 😀 XO

      2. It is life my lovely…so hard sometimes. You rest and recharge those batteries xxx

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