Procrastination; aka avoiding the ironing

Yellow flower

Pot of flowers

Yellow flower 3

Yellow flower 2

I am well practiced at the art of procrastination and have become quite good at it over the years…especially where ironing is concerned.

Today there was an important tennis match so I had to watch that (well done Djokovic!) and the flowers once again needed to be photographed (they are very demanding you know). So the ironing is still not done and the evening sun is very tempting, but my boy needs his uniform for school tomorrow, so I suppose I had better stop stalling and get on with it!

Are you a get-on-with-it kind of person or a procrastinator? I am a bit of both!

Hope you’ve had a wonderful relaxing Sunday.

Joining in with writealm’s July prompt-a-day

today’s prompt is ‘procrastinate’

9 Replies to “Procrastination; aka avoiding the ironing”

  1. Lovely dreamy processing Jane: Over the years I’ve become an expert at folding, smoothing, pulling, tugging, layering in the airing cupboard under heavy towel stacks – anything to avoid Ironing!!

  2. I’m a total procrastinator! Can’t believe I missed this prompt (all that procrastinating, I guess!). Love the softness of those images, so beautiful.

  3. Catching up on all the posts I’ve missed. This sounds exactly like me…. But then on other days I get lots done so I’m a bit of both too.

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