Into the wilderness

Into the wilderness

Amidst the rocks

and long, sun-faded grass

we would walk;

an adventure to be had.


Stopping only

when our bellys growled

then onward into the wilderness

climbing to the highest point.


We would survey our land

with the late summer sun

hot on our freckled cheeks

the whole world before us.


This is a place that

has stayed in my heart

memories planted deep

food for a youthful soul.

Two subjects I love to write about are memories and nature…they really inspire me, so every Friday I will post either a poem, prose, story or a photograph with perhaps a few words based on one of these two subjects.

If you wish to join in, then please leave a link in comments or use the hashtag #MemoriesNature on Twitter or alternatively leave a comment on my Facebook page, whichever suits you best.

Writing memories and nature every Friday…the kettle is on.

3 Replies to “Into the wilderness”

  1. Sorry I didn’t make it in time for tea… any biscuits left?? :))

    Love this photo of sun flare. Your words impart a fond and cherished memory of a childhood blessed with being able to play out in the wilds alongside nature. ❤ xx

    1. Custard Creams okay?

      I had a wonderful childhood we were always outside. My parents worked very hard and we weren’t particularly well-off but they made sure we had trips out and lovely summer holidays…I admire them so much for that and thank them : ) It has taught me to do the same for my son xx

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