That day


I remember it like it happened yesterday; climbing that hill excited and exhilarated. At the top, breathless and rosy cheeked, we leaned against the wind and it held us like strong arms.

I think we sang Wuthering Heights by Kate Bush…we wanted to be her; do you remember? And we laughed into the wind that held us. You were my friend, but we grew apart, and I wish we hadn’t.

Friendships come and go, some are not worth the fight, but ours was good, and I feel wistful, because I think I was the one who forgot to tend to it; left it to fade.

Creating along with writealm’s June prompt-a-day

today’s prompt is ‘relation’

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6 Replies to “That day”

  1. Ooohh yes, I remember, “Heathcliff, it’s me, your Cathy. I’ve come home. I’m so cold, let me in-a-your window.” Haha, once you’ve heard Kate sing, who could forget?! Daughter number two tried to get us tickets for her tour but they sold out so quickly we were unlucky.

    It’s all so easy to lose touch unfortunately, neglect a good friendship and go separate ways.

    1. Hurray for Kate Bush!! What a shame about the tickets…contemplated it myself but not sure my husband was fully committed lol! Losing touch is natural I guess but this one makes me a little sad…ah well, still got some amazing friends : ))

    1. Relationships of any kind can be hard work sometimes. I now have fewer friends but my tending skills are much improved : )

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