Dappled Light

Boys and bikes

As the August sun rose

high in the sky,

dappled light

 reached through the trees,

landing gently on the path

like fallen leaves.

It was summer

and as the boys peddled away

she cried, because

she knew it wouldn’t last forever.

Autumn would come.

Learning, writing and connecting with June prompt-a-day from writealm

today’s prompt is ‘dappled light’

11 Replies to “Dappled Light”

    1. I am so glad you like it! Oh, yes, summer goes way too fast…along with it life! I was feeling melancholy and wishing life would slow down as my son is growing up and becoming a man…it’s scary, inevitable and wonderful all at the same time! : )

  1. Ohhh, I’m wishing to have a tree lined avenue near me just like the one in your photo! The light here on the road/walkway is fantastic. What a lovely photo ❤

    My girls are both grown up ladies now and we (they, my husband and I) have a fabulous time – don't be melancholy, grasp and enjoy every moment with your son as he grows. As you say, becoming a man is inevitable and when he becomes one you will find it wonderful – but different :))

    Will catch up with reading your posts soon – once the exam is over! Hope you saw my tweet about my reason for being missing!

    1. Ellie, thanks so much for this, your words are lovely and so true. We are really close and have so many good times together, sometimes I just think how much I will miss him when time comes for him to fly. He is a joy and will be a fine man and as you say it will be wonderful but different.

      it is so lovely to hear that you and your daughters have great times even now they are grown…I hope my husband and I can keep the closeness we have with our son. We are very open and loving so I think we will.

      Thanks for your lovely comments about my photo, we have spent sooooo many hours in this park it’s just around the corner from us.

      So glad to hear from you and hope the studying is going well…don’t forget to have a break from it too : )

      Take care
      J xxxx

  2. Lovely words, reflection, and oh that photo!!! I am one who aches for Autumn and laments a bit when things aren’t covered in snow. You know this already. I like reading your POV. XOXO

    1. Thanks so much Angie. I love autumn too, very much. The seasons in this piece are reflecting the seasons of life. Jxxx

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