sweet william

I am on the cusp of another year of living this life…nearly 46, but mentally, still feeling 20 years younger. Am I happy with my life so far? Yes and No. Let me elaborate, slightly…

I have achieved much I have wanted to in life, with some things I wish I had done, but haven’t. Would I change anything? Yes. I would magic up a sibling for my son, I wouldn’t have had cancer, I might have gone to college, I would have dealt with certain things better…and the list goes on.

But, you see, I can’t do anything about these things. They have happened or haven’t happened as the case may be, and do you know what, that’s okay. Another birthday closing in and the swift exit of May is a reminder to me that we are given this life, a gift, and everything in it; the good, the bad and the down right ugly, but we only get one.

So as I move into this 46th year, I will be proud of what I have achieved, the hurdles I have overcome and what I am; because at the end of it all I want to be able to say I lived life well.

Learning, writing and connecting with June prompt-a-day from Writealm; today’s prompt is ‘cusp’

6 Replies to “Cusp”

    1. I do try to be grown up sometimes…being wise doesn’t come naturally to me lol! Thanks for the birthday wishes! I will be celebrating on Wednesday with my family
      : )

  1. Deep thoughts… I always get those near my birthday too:) You are a wonderful person… just as you are! This is very beautiful, friend! You have a few more days until your birthday… am I right? xoxo, Elizabeth

    1. A passing year does that doesn’t it? Thank you Elizabeth, you are one of the sweetest people I know : ) You are right, it is on Wednesday xxx

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