Sunlight through apple tree

A day of happy nothings

and a warm bed

that begs you to stay

a while longer.


A day of hope

for the week ahead

and perhaps a gladness

for a tough week passed.


A day for cups of tea

and a walk in the park;

for hanging out washing

with a birdsong playlist.


A time for just being or

falling headlong into a book;

for ironing school clothes

and finishing homework.


A chance to just sit

for a few minutes peace

breath deeply

and be thankful.

Learning, writing and connecting with April prompt-a-day from Writealm; today’s prompt is ‘Sundays are for…’




10 Replies to “Sunday”

  1. Sums up perfectly what Sundays are about to me. Sadly yesterday was much busier but I am hopeful for next week. Many apologies for not being around much… It’s been mad here. Hopefully back to normal a bit now. Hope you are well. Xx

    1. Hi ! I am fine thanks apart from a fall a few weeks ago which has resulted in a fractured shoulder but I am tough (Yorkshire) and coping fine! How are you, apart from being busy? I haven’t been a very good visitor to your blog lately…sorry! Hope you have a good week! xx

  2. Just love that lens flare 🙂 and your poem captures an English Sunday to perfection. Been missing for a good few days as have just got a new camera and can’t get my head out of the instruction manual!!

    1. Aww Ellie, thanks, that means a lot! I didn’t think I had seen you around for a while. Looking forward to seeing photos with your new camera!! : )

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