The right answer

the right answer 2


from my past

a  million

wrong answers.


Twisted and angry

in pursuit of validation

and tired

from their lifetime of wrongness.



I cannot fix.

Do I let them go;

silence them forever?



(the right answer).

Sometimes, there is a weight that needs throwing overboard, otherwise you will sink.

Writing, learning and connecting with April prompt-a-day over at write alm; today’s is

‘the right answer’

6 Replies to “The right answer”

    1. Angie, sometimes ya just gotta do it! I am sick of carrying the crap around with me when I can’t anything about it, so slowly, it’s going overboard!!! J xxx

  1. Jane, Letting go of past mistakes is hard. I hope you can! It is so much easier to forgive others than forgive ourselves. You are a smart, creative, caring friend. You are so much more than your past. I try to think of each new day as a fresh start. I think the sun coming up each day is God’s way of reminding us that we have a new chance. Be gentle with yourself and let those things go. xoxo, Elizabeth

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