Grey, is so last season

Grey is so last season

Well, hello morning,

here we are again;

me half naked

and half asleep,

and you wide awake

and fully dressed.

What colour do you

have on today?

Sunshine yellow

or that grey number

you’ve been wearing lately?

You do know it’s spring,

don’t you…

and that grey is so last season?

Take a fashion tip

from me,

yellow really suits you,

and even better,

with a hint of sky blue.

We appear to have lost spring around here…if you see it anywhere, inbox me, thanks.

Writing, learning and connecting with April prompt-a-day over at write alm; today’s is

‘hello morning’

11 Replies to “Grey, is so last season”

    1. Same here Amanda, oh, and a lot of black too! But, this sky, it needs sort itself out, coz grey just ain’t doing it!! ; )

  1. I love this! I know just how you feel…it took too long this year, but I think Spring is finally here to stay! Sending you lots of warm air and sunshine:)

    1. It seemed to have arrived and now it’s disappeared again! Hope you are well, Elizabeth, and having a great weekend? J xx

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