A hand to hold

A hand to hold

When I held your tiny hand

I felt a whole life in it

the need to love you

and your need to be loved.

Sometimes, I miss that tiny hand in mine, it’s now the hand of a boy becoming a man, no longer wanting to be held so much…but still needing to be loved.

Happy Friday : )

Writing, learning and connecting with April prompt-a-day over at write alm; today’s is

‘a hand to hold’


4 Replies to “A hand to hold”

    1. 10 years ago, we bought Fimo and picked pebbles up at a loch on a holiday in Scotland, it is a treasure. We go back to Scotland this year, so we may have to do an anniversary hand imprint! : )

    1. We definitely will, we are even there the same week!!! Do you have any holiday plans Elizabeth? : )

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