Happy in my own skin

In youth

I gave

too much time

to what others

thought of me.

My looks,

my clothes,

my views…


Years have passed

and these things

have faded

in importance;

a sun-bleached image

of a past me.


there is a new image;

an older face,


and wiser.


what matters most,

is not

what others think

of me.

Being happy

with myself

is the key to everything.

Self-discovery is a continuous journey; it is exciting to know that there are things about myself I have yet to learn.

“You are you. Now, isn’t that pleasant?”
Dr. Seuss

Writing along with prompt-a-day over at write alm; today’s promt is ‘(self) discovery’.

8 Replies to “Self-discovery”

  1. Profound statements. I find your words to be a call, an anthem, a reminder to be me. Thank you. You’re beautiful. ❤

    1. You are beautiful too, Angie xx Thank you for your kind words. It took a hell of a long time to like myself. Funny how good we are at liking others yet find it takes so long to like the person that makes us truly whole xxxx

      1. Yes. One of the most important elements of my healing journey is to practice speaking to myself the way I do to people I care about, trying to make myself one of said people. Work. ❤

      2. It’s really hard, Angie, and believe me there are definitely still some tweaks needed in the way I view myself. I do like myself now, at least. Only taken nearly 46 years on this earth!!

        I hope you learn to like yourself Angie, because you are a really great person! xxxx

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