I have a dream

whitby Fishing 2

Salty air

sand in my toes

and the sweet sound of the sea.

A little cottage

in which to grow old

with you by my side.

And our boy

visiting with his own family.

Idylic, yes…

but isn’t that what dreams should be?

Writing, growing, learning and connecting with February prompt-a-day over at write alm; today’s is ‘I have a dream’.

7 Replies to “I have a dream”

  1. I like your dream. I am taking a break from prompts to try to let my hand heal, but I almost wrote this one today with the line on my tongue when I awoke this morning- “I dreamed my wounds and worries.” < good morning! O_o

      1. My well-being is greatly diminishing with each day I don’t write. I’m so frustrated. 😥

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