Words to live by

A l w a y s

t r y i n g

m y

v e r y

h a r d e s t

n o t

t o

t a k e

l i f e

f o r

g r a n t e d.

I have had enough life experience, a lot good and some bad (some really bad), to know that realistically every day cannot be perfect. However, I try to find something within every day to be grateful for, and when I really look, there is much.

I am feeling pretty tired tonight and if I am honest a little weepy. Sometimes the weekend goes so fast and I get a bit melancholy that the busy week ahead is revving up just around the corner. Weekends are precious aren’t they? But, we had a lovely walk in the sunshine this morning and a really tasty lunch, for which I am very grateful. I am also grateful that my son made me the nicest cuppa tea ever this morning…thanks kiddo!

I hope you had a good weekend and wish you a happy week ahead xx

Writing, growing, learning and connecting with February prompt-a-day over at write alm; today’s is ‘words to live by’.

7 Replies to “Words to live by”

  1. Hi sweet friend, I am just catching up on your posts and I sure do wish I had read this earlier…I do not like the thought of you being weepy, but I do love that you share your heart with us and you are very real. And sometimes, it takes a weepy moment to help us truly enjoy the sunny times. I hope things are better. I hope your week was good. Love,Elizabeth

    1. Thanks Elizabeth! It was a bit of a self indulgent weepy moment, I just love the weekends so much, as we all do. I am fine, and just so you know, you always bring a bit of sunshine when you pop in here : )

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