I believe…

Sun and hearts

A simple smile can carry a burdened person through another hard day.

A kind deed can restore faith in human kind for someone who has lost theirs.

Really listening to someone makes them feel heard and ultimately stronger.

Not giving up on someone gives them the lifeline they need to keep pushing on, even when they think they can’t.

Telling someone how amazing they are gives them the tools to make other people feel amazing too.

No-one is perfect but in our imperfection we can learn to be better people.

Telling your child(ren) you love them every day will ultimately help them to show love and emotion.

You cannot mend everything that goes wrong in life but you can try to make the best of the situation.

Love and empathy are the things that make us whole.

You can try your best, but, for some people this is never enough, you have to move on.

Learning to forgive is very hard but a worthwhile pursuit.

Days at the beach should be prescribed by doctors (seriously).

We should all believe in ourselves a little more, even though we may find it hard, I know I do! But, if we can’t convince ourselves then we don’t stand a chance with anyone else. So let’s go forth and be tremendous!!

Writing, growing and learning along with February prompt-a-day over at write alm; today’s (well, yesterday’s) is ‘I believe’.

Jane xx

6 Replies to “I believe…”

  1. I love your list, relate to every item, and wholeheartedly rejoiced upon reading the last line! And this photo!!! ❤

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