This place

Scotland 2

Air so pure, energising, filling my lungs to the brim.

This place where nature has truly worked her magic.

All senses alive, as if for the first time, anticipating what is to come.

So bright is your beauty it hurts my eyes to see.

I catch my breath with every scene; tears well.

But there is no sadness, just joy, in this place where I feel nature’s pulse.

Feeling so close to her, like a child in her womb.

I am ready, here, to be born and born again.

Writing, growing and learning along with February prompt-a-day over at write alm; today’s is ‘five senses’.

‘I believe’ I used the wrong prompt today…ooops! This is tomorrow’s but not to worry ’tis not the end of the world : )

4 Replies to “This place”

  1. Oh Jane. On a day when I feel so broken- so very, very broken- your words have brought a poignant comfort to my aching heart and hurting body. I can’t thank you enough for your words, which have moved me from a very angry and hurtful place, to a softer one, with tears and a desire to be held. The Sun in your photo is stunning. I love how the rays reach out. Thank you, my friend, for your words & image. :’)

    1. Angie I am so sorry that you are feeling so broken right now but glad that my humble words made you feel a little better, I really am. I hope you are okay…life is so difficult sometimes I hope you can manage to work through it. Many, many hugs my friend xxxx

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