Writing the darkness

building 1

You were there but I could not reach you; your world overshadowed.

I brought you sunshine but it was just too dark for you to see it.

I threw you a rope but your body was too weak to catch it.

I had to walk away because the crevasse between us was just too wide.

I wondered, do I build a bridge or just wait for you to make your way back, somehow?

You retreated with your selfish companion, but I knew, if you could, you would have stayed with us.

I saw this and I understood but it was so hard.

While you were gone I had to keep moving.

I could not simply stop and await your return because there is not only us.

I missed you.

I was treading water and no-one else could see my legs flailing beneath the surface.

But, I knew you would come back, you always do.

I love you; it’s the darkness I hate.

Writing along with February prompt-a-day over at write alm; today’s is ‘write the darkness’.

It is hard being the light in someone’s darkness but harder still to be in the darkness waiting for the light.

Have a great Sunday.

Jane xx

8 Replies to “Writing the darkness”

    1. The depression of someone so close to you is heartbreaking. Things are a lot better now but we keep our eyes open in case that darkness dares return. I know you will understand Angie xx

    1. Thank you Amanda…I was sad writing this but also relieved to get it out. That last line I wrote totally sums up the situation for me. We are thankful that things are on an even keel at the moment xx

      1. Thank you , Jane! Yes…just in the last year or so, I have truly realized how just smiling at a stranger or saying hello and looking people in the eye means so much. You never know what battles the people you meet are facing and a kind smile can light someone’s day. And for special people who we have known for a while , you never know when a call or note or just being there can get them through a dark day.

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