Saturday morning


A w a k e n  my lovely boy there is a new day calling us. What shall we fill it with? We’ll start with hot tea and toast or how about bacon?  It is Saturday and we have no particular plans; Dad’s at work so it’s just us two.  This is the rhythm of our lives and we are used to it.

Time now for showers and tooth brushing but you beg to stay in your PJs, just a while longer.  I guess the shower will wait. I make my second cup of tea as you do what you do on your iPad.  The washer is whirring, I open the window allowing the cool air in; it feels good as I wash up the breakfast pots and a few stragglers from the night before.

Contentment washes over me…we are in tune with each other as our day unfolds. I hoped for days like this 14 years ago when your cheeks smelled milky and you slept in your crib right next to me. I will mourn their demise in years to come; but for now I will soak it up,  breathe it in and love every minute.

Happily writing along with February prompt-a-day over at write alm; today’s is ‘awaken(ing)’.

Have a great weekend…here’s a little Saturday morning tune for you to listen to : )

8 Replies to “Saturday morning”

  1. Jane, this is a lovely capture of an ordinary, yet magical moment. Your words remind me to be more mindful of my time with my guys. It is indeed fleeting. ❤

    1. Thanks Angie. This whole writing process is something else isn’t it? It is making me more aware of many things; my true feelings, who I am, what means the most to me and the list goes on xx

      1. I agree. Writing is a way to focus, and center me. Sometimes I don’t know what I even think or feel until I see it on the page! XO

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