Connect the dots


I remember having colouring books as a child, I would lay on the floor for hours colouring away being careful to stay in the lines. Every few pages in these books there would be a connect the dots puzzle; these were really exciting because you could sort of see what they were going to be but not quite…all part of the mystery until the final image was revealed.

I may no longer be connecting the dots with pen on paper but the puzzle continues through life; the dots being our experiences joined together as we travel on our journey. Some connect effortlessly, others not so easily; painting a picture of our lives but never quite finished as we continue on.

I hope, when eventually my final dot is connected, that the picture seen is one of happiness, contentment and love…the image of a life well lived.

Happily writing along with February prompt-a-day over at write alm; today’s is ‘a good day’.

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