Be still

Entrance black & white

I will be still

so as not to rock the boat.

I will be silent

for no matter what I say it’s wrong.

Do you ever think

that I might be feeling fragile?

Maybe a little sad;

that my life also is sometimes uphill.

I will be still

because then

I might find my balance

and the strength to move onwards.

Today’s writing hasn’t come from a very nice place, I was feeling upset and misunderstood yesterday so it has spilled over into my writing for today. I wasn’t going to publish it, instead writing something ‘nicer’, but then I thought, no, this is how I felt and this is what transposed from brain to page.

‘Be still’ evokes calmness, something spiritual almost, but it just didn’t turn out that way today…I suppose this is what writing is about, should be about; opening up, letting it out, baring wounds.

Just to add, I am feeling better now…perhaps just the writing down of my feelings has helped?

Happily (honest) writing along with February prompt-a-day with write alm; today’s is ‘be still’.

I hope your week has begun a little calmer than mine!

Jane xx

12 Replies to “Be still”

  1. So glad you let this out, Jane, and so happy to hear it was therapeutic to do so! I winced with relating when I read
    “I will be silent
    for no matter what I say it’s wrong.”

    You’re not alone. That’s an awful feeling, to be so unheard that you just shut down. And there is no better time than that to write, and retain your voice, but to put it somewhere more safe, where people come specifically to hear it. XO

    1. It just hurts Angie when someone who should know you inside out just doesn’t know you at all. Writing here is such a big help and everyone’s comments and support for each other amazes and uplifts me…thank you from the bottom of my heart xx

      1. I recognize that pain and hate that you feel it too. Sharing it does seem to spread the pain out and allow a portion to be carried by a friend. I love this about blogging and sharing. XOXO

  2. Life isn’t always “nice”. Better to write what’s “true” than what’s nice. And you did. I’m sorry your week hasn’t been going so well. But the writing was lovely.

    Did you take the photo? It’s beautiful.

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