It has become a need

slowly creeping in.

No matter how thinly I am spread

making time.


I go to sleep

awash with thoughts.

I awake the same

but it feels good.


Urged by my brain;

alive with words.

I write and write

and write.

January promt-a-day with write alm; today’s promt is ‘habit’

Only a few days left of January (really? how did that happen!) but here are February’s prompts over at write alm…I  am so excited to keep on writing into another month : )

8 Replies to “Habit”

  1. Hi Jane! I am happy to see you and I always enjoy your writing! Hope you are doing well. We have had snow…just a bit, but it has shut Charlotte down…no school today or tomorrow. We went sledding today:) I am glad you are blogging again.

    1. Hi Elizabeth! I am so pleased to see you here…how are you? Wow, the weather sounds bad where you are but I bet it was nice to go sledding : ) It feels good to be blogging again and writing which I enjoy very much. J xx

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